Why I haven’t posted new stories lately:

28 11 2011

Dear Readers!

I want to thank you from my heart, my mind , my soul and every other part of me!

Your interest, your comments and your readership (now over 6700! since March when I started this) have made me realize that you want and need to read and talk about the all-too secret issues of Eating Disorders, specially, bulimia (which is not easy to write and read about, due the considerable “gross-factor”), love-and sex-addiction, obsession and, most important, that it is possible to recover from it all.

My own way of recovery is like a patchwork carpet of  therapy, self-help books, 12-steps, all kinds of Spirituality I scraped together along the way, but specially what I learned in my Kabballah-Lessons (which I do not participate in anymore), FRIENDS!!!!!!!! and the miracle of Belly Dancing, that taught me how to love and respect my body in every size – we all know that our bodies change in size and shape and ability – and, did I mention, friends????

My confidence grew with every blog and with every reader and two month ago, I managed to get an incredibly competent, confident and super-cool  literary agent, who will, no doubt, get my memoir “Beauty and the Feast – A Hollywood Memoir of Binging, Purging and Healing” into the hands of the right Publishing House,  into bookstores and public awareness.

She even came up with that new title, that is so less stuffy then my working-title of “Showrooms of Perfections”.

But since this book is now shopped around, I cannot write about it anymore.

I will start again, with parts that are not in the book – my first proposal consisted of 76 (!) chapters, so there is a lot more to say and write about. I’ve been also very busy with the re-write of my screen play “Fashion Slaves” and the with the little boutique I opened up two months ago.

I still study belly-dance about five times a week (there are a few Holiday performances / Showcases coming up on December 10th and 11th) and I love my friends, dates and social life that I am extremely grateful for.

With all this, my blog had to take a step back, but I promise, I’ll get back to it – I really miss it! – very soon.

Happy Holidays to All!


Monah Li




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