Lady Velvet’s Dominion from “Showrooms of Perfection”

19 04 2011


Lady Velvet lounges on a purple love seat, her long legs rest on an embroidered brocade pillow. Her blood red pedicure looks intimidating shiny and new.

I step in through a door marked “Private”, self-conscious and freezing in my exquisite Agent Provocateur lingerie ensemble. The smell of the leather of my thigh high boots wafts up into my made-up face. I am not used to heels like those and I have to steady myself on the doorframe.

She beckons me to come closer and to turn around.

“Lovely” she purrs and her voice sounds just like her name. “Now lets get your waist in shape”

She gets up and I sneak a peak over my shoulder at her. Her silky robe has fallen open and I get goose bumps from the sight of her abundant, creamy white flesh, spilling out a of burgundy lace teddy.

She pulls the strings on my corset. Tight and then tighter. I gasp: “Am I supposed to breath?” She yanks another inch or two.

“ Not really. Subs don’t need to breath much.” she says. “Or do much”

“ Subs? Tell me you’re kidding!” I croak.

Now she pulls even harder. I whip around. “There is no way I’m going to be a submissive, Lady Velvet, you are crazy” I say in my sternest voice, considering the circumstance. She ties the string and turns me around to face her. “Do you need the money or not?” she asks.

“Yeah, but not like this. Sabrina said…”

She interrupts me “Sabrina? She started as a submissive, like everybody else. Funny, how nobody wants to remember that. As if it was somehow lower than being a dominatrix. It’s not”. She lights a cigarette. “It’s not like, because you have a lot of rage towards men, you can just be a dom. It’s a very refined skill that needs to be learned and practiced”

“Lady Velvet, I’m a very quick learner”, I plead. “Give me one chance and I will show you that I am a natural talent. Just one chance”

Lady Velvet rolls her eyes. “Look, I will let you show your so-called talent in time, but for now, you have to pay your dues like everybody else”.

I’m not about to give up yet. “I can’t have guys do stuff to me! I can’t”, I whine.

“Listen”, she says with irritation, “I’m letting you wear black. All my other subs have to wear white. But on account of your considerable values, not at least your beauty and your accent, you can wear black. My last offer. Don’t stress my patience and generosity”.

She scribbles a number on her business card and hands it to me. It says “”. “Study this and be here tomorrow at 10am”.

A homely face with frizzy blond hair, puffy eyes behind drugstore glasses sticks her head into the door.

“Heya’ll, I’m here for my shift. I’m gonna change real fast for Mr. Briefcase”, she singsongs. She steps inside, her flabby body squeezed into a velour tracksuit. When she sees me, her face darkens.

“Don’t kill yourself, Queen Dawn” Lady Velvet says. “He called to say he’s gonna be late”

Lady Velvet gets back to me. She looks at me, deep in thought. “You have a Snow-White beauty, but with a nasty undertone”. She thinks some more. She steps away from me. “I got it. Your name here will be Belladonna. From now on, you’re Belladonna. Welcome to the family”.

She opens the door and I am dismissed.

Outside in the tacky foyer, I reach for my coat, still in my lingerie get-up. I have one arm in my coat, when the heavy entrance door opens and in steps a no-neck Asian security goon, his eyes glued to the floor. Behind him is an executive looking man, cruelly handsome in silver cropped hair, dressed in a 5000$ Armani suit. The goon carries an equally expensive looking briefcase. He sets it down next to Armani Suit, bows and steps outside without looking up.

Suit guy does a double take and reaches for my hand. “Oh hel-loo”, he coos. “I didn’t get your name”. “Monah, I mean, Belladonna”, I stutter and belt my coat.

“Don’t tell me you’re leaving!” he says. Lady Velvet takes his coat.

“How lovely to see you, Mr. Goldman, Queen Dawn is ready for you upstairs” she smiles.

Queen Dawn, now all dressed up in extreme dominatrix gear, purple leather from head to toe, black lipstick and fake eye lashes, glides down the stairs.

“You’re late, Slave. I hope you have a good excuse. Queen Dawn waits for no one”

I can’t help but giggle.

Mr. Goldman’s eyes feast on me while he gently touches Lady Velvet’s arm. “Can I talk to you for a moment? In private?” he says, without taking his eyes off me.

They disappear into her office. Queen Dawn crosses her legs and gives me a mean evil eye.

Lady Velvet returns from her office with Mr. Goldman.

“ Belladonna, Mr. Goldman wishes to have you in his session too. Queen Dawn, take her upstairs to the Midnight Room and show her the ropes, so to speak. Thank you, Queen” With this, she dismisses us both.

Inside the midnight room, Queen Dawn gathers equipment. Handcuffs, riding crops, whips and heavy chains, I guess, the usual torture equipment, and sets it all down under a big fat rope that is mounted into the ceiling. Mr. Goldman shuts the bathroom door behind him.

Queen Dawn, her eyes mean slits, glares: “It’s very bad form to snatch clients. We don’t do this do one another.”

“I didn’t do this. I was just about to leave.” I stammer, “I don’t even know what to do. I’m totally freaked out”

Queen Dawn arranges the equipment without looking up at me. “He’s easy. Light spanking with lots of pretend drama. The hardest part is to avoid sex. He always tries. Obnoxious”

“Sex?” I gasp, “ This isn’t supposed to be about sex”

“Of course, sex”, she snorts, “It’s all about sex. Do you live in a fairy tale? Not giving it to them is what this is about. That’s what they pay for”

Mr. Goldman enters from the bathroom, his clothes neatly folded in his arms. I have to stifle a laugh when I notice the rainbow with a unicorn printed on the ass of his ridiculous tiny little-girl panties.

Queen dawn whispers “Don’t you dare to laugh”

She fixes her eyes on him “ Slave. Keep your eyes to the ground at all times. Now let me check on your folding job.” She throws a pair of cuffs at me. “ Here, use those to tie him up. He’ll whine, but have no mercy and do it tight”.

I snap the cuffs on him. Queen Dawn picks up a dangerous looking riding crop and without further ado, wanks him on his ass, hard. He groans. Queen Dawn sneers: “You call this a good folding job?” yank.  “Didn’t we have a talk about this last time, slave?” yank “On your knees, slave. Do it again.” Yank. “Fold it! The right way, this time”

Mr. Goldman whimpers, “ I am very sorry, Mistress, it will not happen again.” He unfolds and folds all over again.

Queen Dawn yawns. “Shut up Slave. Now, Belladonna. My boots need a cleaning. Get down.”

“Excuse me?” I say.

“You heard me, Slave Girl”. She swats the riding crop on my calves and I jump.

“What the fuck?” I scream.

“Language, watch your language, Slave. Now get down on your knees and lick my boots.” She hits me again. “I’m just about to run out of patience. You!” she hisses at Mr. Goldman “Crawl over here and help her”.

I get down slowly. Mr. Goldman pampers her boot with his tongue. But when my face gets so close to the unicorn, I crack. I really try, but I can’t stop myself. I look up at Dawn and she is pressing her fist into her mouth. We both explode into helpless laughter.

Mr. Goldman doesn’t seem to notice. With his tongue on her boot he mumbles in a little boy’s voice: “Are you satisfied, Mistress?”

I am back the next day. Lady Velvet puts her hand over the phone and points to me. “I hope you did your homework, Belladonna. He’s on his way to see you. Alone this time.”

I tie him to the leather bed. He looks at me with cow-eyes.

“I missed you, Belladonna”

I don’t know what to do with him, so I talk with my best Austrian accent. “You better be good, you dirty little insect”

He likes this. “Oh mistress Belladonna. You make me feel like an Auschwitz prisoner. I fucking love you”

At this moment, Lady Velvet sticks her head into the room to check up on us.

“You do not use profanity in here, Mr. Goldman. Is that how you speak to your mother?” I hiss. Hs face crumbles. Lady Velvet steps in.

“Leave Mr. Goldman’s mother out of this, Belladonna. It’s one of our rules here”

Now I’m really out of my element. I look to Lady Velvet for a clue when he moans. “Oh mistress, hit me. Please hit me hard, like Mommy used to”

Lady Velvet nods into my direction and closes the door behind her. I take the biggest whip I can find and hit him, not hard at all at first. Suddenly, I really get into it and whip him again, over and over. What I feel, the rage that comes over me scares me. Until I feel something warm on my hand.

“Oh Mistress. You got me so excited, I’m having an accident” he giggles. I jump back and watch a stream of urine splashing from the opening of his girl panties.

“You did not just piss on me!” I yell at him.

“I’m so sorry, Mistress Belladonna”

“Shut up, you sick fuck!” I slam the whip down on him. And just in time, I remember the website. I unhook his ties and push his face into the urine puddle.

“You better clean this up, Slave”

In utter disbelieve, I watch as he laps up his own mess. He really does what I tell him to do. With renewed confidence, I yank him up.

“I’m still thirsty, Mistress” he sighs.

“I know you are” I say and drag him towards the bathroom. I sit down on the toilet and pee. He whimpers. When I’m done, he crawls to the bowl and begs: “please let me wipe you!”

“No” I say, “Get down and drink, asshole”

I stick his head into the toilet and push him down. I smack him on his ass and allow him to come up, toilet water streaming from his face. I push him down again and watch bubbles floating up. I yank his collar.

“Now, lick the rim, Slave.”

I check my watch. The hour is almost up.

“That’s a lousy job. You don’t deserve to lick my toilet.” I say, now bored.

He slowly raises and looks at me with doggy eyes. I throw him a towel. He cleans himself up.

“Allow me and accept my gratitude.” He reaches into his jacket for a handful of $100 bills.

“You may place it under my boot”. I offer.

Back down at Lady velvet’s office, Mr. Goldman is in his suit and has regained his executive aura. Mr. Pitt, the security goon waits by the door, his eyes, as always, are glued to the floor.

Mr. Goldman gushes: “Lady Velvet, Belladonna just earned her first Academy award as ‘Best Supporting New Dominatrix’. She is truly divine.”

He turns to me: “Thank You Mistress, you’ve made my day”

He kisses my hand. Pit holds his briefcase, opens the door for him and they leave.

As soon as he is out the door, I sink into the sofa and laugh until my eyes spill over with tears.

“Where the fuck did this come from? I mean, WHO AM I?” I snort.

Lady Velvet smiles at me. “ You’re Belladonna at Lady Velvet’s. You’ll do fine. See you tomorrow”



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