SHOWROOM OF PERFECTION – The Party – Chapter 5

24 03 2011

Palias Auersberg is beautiful, out of this world magical. Renate is right. As soon as we step in the candle lit salon, I feel regal and magnificent. Women and Guys I’ve only seen in Newspapers gather around us. Renate is the “It-Girl” in Vienna and everybody wants to be her friend. Just as I start to feel like a fifth wheel, somebody touches my arm.
“Hello, may I ask you to dance?” a guy I recognize as a famous photographer sidles up to me. “You look amazing. What’s your name?” he asks.
I let him take my arm and Renate winks at me. At the dance floor, he holds on to me and we waltz a bit. He lets go and flirts with me when I dance next to him, freestyle.
“You’re a hell of a dancer” he whispers, grabs me again and twirls me around. I get dizzy, even though I’m stone cold sober and stumble. He catches me and presses his body into me. Is this an errection I feel? It is and he pulls me closer. I haven’t had sex in months – the Mullet guy doesn’t count – and I respond with a warm wave hat crawls up my legs and spreads through my stomach. We kiss and make out and I am aware of the people looking at us. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, I guess.
Renate interrupts our love-session. “Monah, I want you to meet Erica Pluhar. Excuse me” she says to the photographer, “I need to borrow your dance partner for a while” and walks me over to the legend of my childhood. Erica is the most beautiful woman, right after Elisabeth Taylor and Romy Schneider.
“I am so delighted to meet you.” She breathes in her velvety smokers voice. “I’ve admired your outfit since you walked in and I would be so honored if you would consider to create something for me”
Her humble charm makes me feel like I’m the star and I admire this ability to make a fat and insecure mental hospital inmate as if I was really important to her. As if she had waited all her life to get a chance to talk to me, not the other way around. I manage to keep a straight face and not to blush too much.
“Sure. It would love to.” I say with fake confidence.
“Here is my card. Please call me at your convenience. I look forward to hear from you very soon. I have an event coming up that intimidates me a bit. But with your magic, I’m sure I’d be able to handle myself with grace.”
Erica Pluhar intimidated? No way. No fcucking way. I must be dreaming and any moment now, I will wake up on my lumpy mattress in the hospital.
A tall blond woman that I don’t recognize at first chimes in. “I hope your schedule isn’t too busy to take mercy on me too. I ‘d love a creation like that. Where is your studio? I could come by any time, the sooner the better.”
Jesus, it’s the major’s wife. I’m on my game, just for once.
“I’m in the process of setting up a studio. I have just returned from a two year stay in Los Angeles and haven’t settled down yet.” I lie.
“Really? Los Angeles. You’re a true citizen of the world, are you?” she smiles “I might know of a perfect place to set up shop for you. First district, right next to St. Stephen’s cathedral. Call me first thing tomorrow! Promise?”
“I will, yes, of course, that would be wonderful” I mumble and tuck her card into my purse.
I spend the rest of the party dancing and telling celebrities about my years in LA. I leave out the junkie-days, the Dominion, the jails and the deportation. The photographer slips me his card and watches with ill hidden jealousy as I am passed around as a design wonder from America. I want him and I know I will see him soon.
Renate and me ride back to her luxury pad in Hietzing. We fall asleep in a deep embrace that could be girlfriends spending the night because it is late. Or it could be girlfriends falling in love.



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25 03 2011

You are definitely moving right along. The details and language are much more realized. And your style is becoming more confident because it’s authentic. And as usual the material is engaging and fresh.

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